Pricing - Longarm Quilting Services

Thread Colors & Stitch Patterns

Stitch Patterns
pdf document, 29 stitch patterns
$.02/sq. in.

Block Patterns
pdf document, 8 block patterns
$.05/sq. in.
Thread Colors - click chart to view larger size



Simple meandering edge to edge & Pantographs

$0.02 per square inch

Edge to edge meandering - denser stitching

$0.03 per square inch


  • complex patterns
  • two or more patterns
  • stitch in the ditch
  • freehand, one of a kind patterns

$0.05-$0.08 per square inch

Binding Application  

Create fabric binding


Machine-stitched on with customer's fabric, and hand-stitched closed.

$0.30 per linear inch

Machine-stitched on with customer's fabric for you to finish

$0.15 per linear inch

Mending - top or backing fabric $20.00 per hour
Pattern drafting - $20.00 per hour

Set up charge - Ironing, trimming threads


Squaring up top or backing $10.00 per piece

Thread, per color

$8.00 and up

Sleeve for hanging - plus fabric for sleeve, using customer's fabric

$0.30 per linear inch

Celebration Quilts

baby, wedding and memory quilts - $fee

Quilts for Sale

$350 and up


Commissioned Quilts

$ fee


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